Happy Retirement Poems For Dad, Colleagues

It is impossible to put a price tag on retirement because it is something that everyone looks forward to, after a lifetime of hard work.Write inspirational quotes on a greeting card and give a proper farewell to your boss with a touching speech.

Retirement Poems For Dad Happy Retirement Poems For Father with image

Retirement  Poems For Dad Happy Retirement Poems For Father

  • Some are happy.
    Some are sad.
    But in the whole.
    All want to see you happy.
    Happy retirement.
  • The hepatic routine.
    The robotic life.
    The rush and hard work.
    It’s all over.
    Wish you a very happy retirement.
  • all the best and many thanks
    for your loyalty to our company
    your continuous efforts
    over all these years
    you’ll be sorely missed
    happy and healthy retirement
  • Boss…
    retirement is a sweet vacation.
    Don’t set yourself targets at home too.

Happy Retirement Poems For Colleagues

Instead of cliche Greeting Cards, flowers, gifts and emails, wish your colleagues a happy retired life by writing inspirational quotes on post-it notes.Here we have Post about Happy Retirement Wishes For Colleagues Worker

Retirement Poems For Colleagues Happy Retirement Poems For Co Workers with picture

Retirement Poems For Colleagues Happy Retirement Poems

  • We are leaving each other.
    We are getting a part.
    Wish you happiness and love.
    In your coming life.
  • WE are leaving.
    But our heart is still joined.
    Our happiness and joy will be together.
    Wish you a happiness and love.
    Wish you victory and joy.
    May your upcoming life become
    colorful and fun to spend.
  • I like to thank you
    for an enjoyable working relation
    and wish you a future
    with many new exciting challenges
    happy retirement
  • Retirement is life’s way of telling
    you that it is time you put
    your friends and family before your work.
    Happy retirement.