Hot New Year SMS for 2015

NEW YEAR SMS has just identified the new days, which are coming to assure you happiness and loving days. There are some hot and spicy SMS which intimate you that how can you get new happiness.

Hot New Year Sms Images For 2015

Hot New Year SMS for 2015

  • One¬†year have 365 days,
    One day have 24 hours,
    One hour have 60 Mins,
    One Min have 60 Sec,
    Every Sec i love you.
    Happay new year.
  • Come and enjoy new days with us
    We are just here for you
    No need for others
    Happy new year 2015
  • Coming days are very sensational
    I am worried for you
    You are my best friend
    Plz remember me in these days
    Happy new year 2015
  • Love is care, happiness and need
    Just not define in one word
    I just need your care
    So always be mine
    Happy new year 2015
  • Genuine success is just that
    Which are ready for you, ever
    May be you got in coming year
    Happy new year 2015
  • When my mobile gets jammed
    It will turn it 12 o Clock
    Happy new year 2015
  • Celebrate 2014 night
    This is the last night of this year
    Happy and enjoy
    Happy new year 2015
  • You are our hosts and we are your guest
    Do not be ashamed to say anything
    Happy new year 2015
  • Here are a lot of success is waiting for you
    Just get a kick and get all happy
    Happy new year 2015
  • Just follow new year resolution
    Dent followed last year sad news
    Happy new year 2015
  • This year is full of new ideas, hopes and happy news
    Never ditch this news for your sad faces
    Always be happy
    Happy new year 2015

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