I Am Sorry Messages For Wife

Every Person being a mistake because mistake done by one and only Human, mechanic never be any Mistake in any work. Therefore their is a solution for every mistake which is called “Sorry”. So we have a Mountain of Messages and quotes for Sorry for wife.

I Am Sorry Messages For Wife Album

I Am Sorry Quotes For Wife

  • I truly am a stupid seriously I forget your birthday.
    Oh sorry dear, please. I am sorry I really didn’t mean,
    To miss your birthday but I was just hard busy can’t
    Remember your birthday.
  • Someone that is the most unlucky man in the universe,
    it’s me because I make my wife angry with me I want,
    Help by the breeze to tell her I am sorry and how sad,
    I am to make her sad.
  • Loving you was my life’s wise decision but fighting,
    With you was my life’s dumb decision. I want to ask,
    You sorry for my harsh words. Dear wife forgive me please.
  • No can say I am a happy and a rich man.
    Because happiness is with my wife and,
    My wealth is with its happiness and I have,
    Made my wife angry with me. I want to say
    Sorry to my wife. Please forgive me.
  • Anyone in this life deserves a better and,
    A respectful place beside my parents is My wife.
    Because she always tries to make our family happy.
    But I screwed it all out. I fought with her and made her angry.
    I want to say sorry to my wife.
  • My Dear!
    Fight between you and me were not serious,
    Its just part of life. Not take seriously it because,
    Someone said “Where there is life there is a fight”
    I say Sorry, My love.
  • Fight and Love Is a part of life,
    My love when you was in angry,
    The mood you look More pretty.
    I love My dear and I am sorry
    For my Bad Behavior.
  • Smile is the best medicine,
    Keep smiling even others.
    Think you are crazy. I am sorry,
    My dear, I am feeling very lonely,
    Without. I am sorry to come back at home.
  • Respect and love!
    For those who deserve it,
    Not for those who demand it.
    You are my love I want to say,
    Sorry for my last night misbehave.
  • I know, I was wrong and rude,
    Without any reason, But you know,
    It is not truly Mean. But anyway,
    I am sorry for My Misbehave.
  • My love!
    You are the only one important thing in my life
    I really don’t want to lose you
    I am really sorry for last night
    I know I misbehaved with you
    and bear it. I really appreciate that
    Please forgive me I am Sorry.
  • My love
    I am really missing you
    please forgive me
    I really want you back
    I am feeling sorry.