I Am Sorry Poems For Wife

Every Person being a mistake because mistake done by one and only Human, mechanic never be any Mistake in any work. Therefore their is a solution for every mistake which is called “Sorry“.

I Am Sorry Poems For Wife with photo

I Am  Sorry Poems For Wife

  • I am sorry to see you like this.
    I am sorry to have you like this.
    You are my responsibility.
    You are my life.
    I am sorry, I am sorry.
  • I know you was not wrong.
    I know you was just helping me.
    I know you love me.
    I am sorry.
    I didn’t mean to heart you.
  • Every time I see the pain in your eyes
    A little part of my heart dies
    No matter how hard and how often you try
    All I seem to do is make you cry.
    I am sorry
  • I love you so very much,
    Even though at times I do things that hurt.
    I try so hard to hope that you always see
    How much you being in my life means to me.
    I am sorry 


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