I Love You Poems For Mom

When was the last time you gave your mother a hug to say Thank You for every time she has been there for you? It doesn’t take a lot. Scribble out a few cute quotes on a greeting card

I Love You Poems For Mom with image

I Love You  Poems For Mom

  • People say me mama’s boy.
    People say me a jerk.
    I never cared of what they are saying.
    Because I love my mom.
    I love her and admit it.
    No one can change it.
  • The love that make me feel proud.
    The love that make me feel safe.
    The love which I am proud off.
    The love which I love the most.
    This is the love for someone special.
    That someone special is my mother.
    This is the love for my mother.
  • Ever since I saw you,
    I fell in love with you,
    Within a second or few,
    You looked so beautiful, mom.
    Holding me carefully in your arms,
    That first time you kissed my forehead,
    I felt so good that I can’t really tell,
    You are so pure, my mom.
    Just so wonderful like an angel,
    Never to be found, even in heaven.
    I love you mom
  • Mom you know you are the best,
    There is no one like you,
    I am so lucky to be your daughter,
    So blessed to have you through,
    Mom you are the angel of my life,
    Without you I can’t survive,
    I love you a lot mom,
    And, I think you know it!