Islamic Wedding Wishes For Couple

Wedding in any religion is an awesome part of any one’s life, so always send them wishes with a lot of happiness and smiles, so here are few wishes for Islamic weddings.

Islamic Wedding Wishes For Couple

Islamic Wedding Wishes For Couple

  •  Nikkah Mubarak
    To both of you going to become a couple
    May you have prosperous life with each other
  • Masha Allah, both of you lucky of this world
    You are looking most beautiful  couple
    Wish you a beautiful life
  • May Allah bless you both
    With His blessings
    And you have a tremendous life
  • may Allah make you together
    And do good with you
    And show you way of success
  • wish you a beautiful awesome life
    As a new couple in world
    As husband wife
  • today you are going get married
    By grace of Allah, May you live
    Under His blessing and love
    So don’t worry about future
    He will do all good
  • you aren’t twins
    But you have identical smile
    and sparkling eyes
    made for each other
  • when you will be with each other
    Your life will be changed
    And you will have beautiful ways
    And to travel with each other
  • may you have a wonderful life
    With each other
    Going be one very soon
    Within few hours
  • there is nothing more
    better than a loving couple
    With each other,
    so be happy for future
  • I told you that your couple is best
    You guys are really loving and caring
    Soon you are going to getting married
    And setting up your own empire
    wishing you best of Luck and stay Happy.
  • Marriage is a big step of life.
    And choosing your partner is also a big step.
    And I think you guys are right choice for each other.
    So wishing you Happy Marriage and best of luck for future.




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