Islamic Wedding Wishes For Couple

Wedding in any religion is an awesome part of any one’s life, so always send them wishes with a lot of happiness and smiles, so here are few wishes for Islamic weddings.

Islamic Wedding Wishes For Couple

Islamic Wedding Wishes For Couple

  •  Nikkah Mubarak
    To both of you going to become a couple
    May you have prosperous life with each other
  • Masha Allah, both of you lucky of this world
    You are looking most beautiful  couple
    Wish you a beautiful life
  • May Allah bless you both
    With His blessings
    And you have a tremendous life
  • may Allah make you together
    And do good with you
    And show you way of success
  • wish you a beautiful awesome life
    As a new couple in world
    As husband wife
  • today you are going get married
    By grace of Allah, May you live
    Under His blessing and love
    So don’t worry about future
    He will do all good
  • you aren’t twins
    But you have identical smile
    and sparkling eyes
    made for each other
  • when you will be with each other
    Your life will be changed
    And you will have a beautiful ways
    And to travel with each other
  • may you have a wonderful life
    With each other
    Going be one very soon
    Within few hours
  • there is nothing more
    better then a loving couple
    With each other,
    so be happy for future




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