Juma Tul Wida, Ramadan Dua Sms

Here is the collection of Ramzan Dua Sms. Whenever Ramadan comes it brings delights and lights with itself. Enjoy the month of Ramadan and send your Loved ones Ramzan Dua Sms and make them feel good. When they will read your Sms with full of love they will automaticaly feel your love and care for them. Here is the collection all open for you enjoy and give us your feedback anout the collection of Ramzan Dua Sms and Alvida Ramadan Sms.Juma Tul Alvida Ramzan Dua Sms

Juma Tul Wida Ramzan Dua Sms

  • The fact that I was able to make the call is
    already a sign of God’s mercy to you.
  • The love of God is the strength of the heart,
    and to support the heart, and in the light of the fire.
  • Before God never a perfect time, M is too late.
    We have to do is just a little patience and faith.
    God, everything will be fine ready.
  • Day Mubarak with countless
    blessings and mercy of God.
  • This is likely to be Friday lighten your life with the
    teachings of Islam and protection from disasters.
  • Prayer is the great exchange.
    Or submit their concerns to God.
  • Lie once, you can do all
    your facts questionable.
  • You can attract to our actions of love,
    the light of God, and blessing
    him a life full of happiness.

Ramzan Dua Sms

  • I hope you get through the day.
    Because this day is the master of every day,
    so I ask things my way.
  • Matters the most appropriate way
    to stay in good idea to help in any way possible.
  • God’s promises in your life is a shining light Friday
    to another and still be in a similar object with the blessings of the week.
  • Roza is like the shield and it protects Muslim from the bad deeds,
    the meaning of roza is to stay away from these things too which are halal to you
    wish you a happy Ramadan and happy Juma Tul Wida.
  • Ramadan is all about increasing your strength and increasing the point of view
    to think about those persons too who live hungry in the most part of the day
    this Ramadan take an oath that you will help the needy people throughout the whole
    year and you will help in them in living a good life. Juma Tul Wida
  • Whenever its Ramadan an environment of good deeds have been developed by us
    but as soon the Ramadan is over, we are again coherent towards our previous
    routine and we again start thinking the way we were thinking before.
    happiness is to think like Ramadan in the whole year.

Ramadan Sms

  • There are no boundaries of thinking and doing good deeds
    in Ramadan because the devil is not here to get you aside or put
    a stop to your kindness. Juma Tul Wida Mubarak.
  • Oh! Allah show us the right direction, the direction of the people
    who are close to you and forgive our sins and mistakes we made intentionally
    or unintentionally. Juma Tul Wida.
  • May these diversities can be removed from the hearts of Muslims
    and May we all can live together happily calmly and with delight.
  • Roza and Ramadan are the important constituents of Islam.
    These are the big Ibaadahs which can not compared with any other
    deed. May Allah give us the spirit to make things right and enough for the whole year.
  • Roza is not all about remaining hungry and thirsty the whole year.
    Its essential to also not hurt someone’s feeling when you are in state of Roza
    do not abuse someone, physically nor verbally. Happy Juma Tul Wida!
  • There are no diversions in Islam on the basis of color or creed.
    This was the final lesson of our Prophet (SAWW) in his last address of Juma Tul Wida.
  • This Ramadan bring out the real you and the real goodness of yourself
    Ramadan gives us the message of love and calm to each
    together we are strong otherwise we will be blown away like a piece of dry grass.

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