Jumaa Kareem Quotes and Sayings

The blessed day is once again here. Jumaa Kareem Quotes and Sayings collection is here. Hope you will be glad to have this day. Keep your relatives and friends in prayers and wish them this amazing day by sending them Jumaa Kareem Quotes. Read out the collection!Jumma Kareem Quotes and Sayings

Jumaa Kareem Quotes and Sayings Sms

  • Attract love that our GOD is light, and the pond our her life filled with happiness,
    freedom and saved from evil, and you want the heart of
    Juma Mubarak to achieve these feats.
  • God has a perfect time! It’s never too early, it never too late.
    What we need is just a little patience and a lot of confidence.
    God willing everything will be fine! Remember me in your prayers.
  • Humiliated we were more people on the ground and
    gave honor to GOD through the religion, Islam.
  • Whenever you have a burden if you and load are daunting
    then d0n’t despair because of fr0m display the top is
    breathtaking always God is with you always follow your heart.
  • If people depend on that make you pleased, you will be
    unhappy utmost the time. Inspire and pray to
    God will not let you down. Juma Mubarak you.

Jumaa Kareem Quotes

  • Your heart beats seventy-five times per minute, each time beats,
    does it’s the permission of the maker. Just forget not acknowledge you for it.
  • I pray to God for your good health of your family, extended life and definite success,
    Barakat-e-kaseer, Ezzat, Eeman, Seihat, livelihood, and elm and UMR,
    and all the joys of life of you I’ve always wanted.
  • Help, I beg to get through this day. Since this day,
    every day even I ask things for mine approach.
  • He showed us the way they were to a large extent
    after gone hearts out, his name always shines on.
  • It is better to talk to allow our live for us our words only and Good Friday,
    we make a balance of whether we achieve it.
  • On this day be your guide holly your light path can be heard you’re of his grace,
    love, GOD is very kind and sympathetic for every human being.
  • May your all wishes come true
    In your life, and the life, Afterlife
    and you have a great position
    happy jummah Mubarak.
  • Don’t stop until you feel proud
    this is the way of getting succeed
    And the way to being blessed
    Happy Jumma Mubarak

Jumaa Mubarak Quotes in English

  • Stars need darkness to shine
    If you need success then work hard first
    Then you will get your results
    Happy Jumma Mubarak.
  • Friday, the holiest day of the week
    May all of you blessed with this day
    Happy Jummah Mubarak
    And Stay Blessed.
  • May Allah bless you and your family
    with beautiful deeds
    Happy Jummah Mubarak
    Stay blessed
    and feel proud to be a Muslim.
  • Jumma Kareem Quotes:
    God think positively because it has all the adequate abilities.
    Instead of coming up somewhat wicked occurs
    to you and to calamities strike, they trust in the
    Lord and trust that you will be gentle with you and
    set your affairs. Happy Friday.
  • In the name of the Lord who is the most merciful and the most
    Beneficient. This day is the most amazing and the noblest day
    of the week. May Allah keep us such happy in both worlds
    this one and the other one too. Happy Friday to you and your family.

Jumaa Mubarak Messages

  • The thinking of this day is the brotherhood of Muslims.
    Its the biggest event of Muslims in a week. This day the mosques get filled
    with the more Muslims and almost every Muslim of that area is found in Mosque.
    Happy Blessed day of Jumma Kareem.
  • Keep doing the good deeds. Keep helping the poor people
    Wish you a happy Friday.
  • Helping the poor and needy is the most Loved thing
    by Allah Almighty. He loves the person who cares about his
    creature. May he always be pleased with us and keep blessing us.
    Happy Jumma Kareem.
  • Everyone is responsible for their own deeds. Do not interfere
    in every body’s work. Because nowadays people don’t like it. So, we should
    not put ourself in trouble. Do the preaching but in a polite and easy
    way. Jumma Mubarak.

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