Jumma Mubarak Messages

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Jumma Mubarak Messages

Decent Jumma Mubarak Messages

  • I challenge anyone to understand Islam and not the spirit of love,
    a beautiful religion of brotherhood and sincerity.
  • Whenever U burden for you, and if the hard way
    and then despair reason d0nt fr0m T0P opinion to
    take God with you always follow your heart forever.
  • Humiliated and more of the earth, and gave us honor
    God through Islam If you seek honor through
    anything God humiliate us again.
  • Quran has the answer to all those
    who have opened than ever.
  • When you enter in the mosque, GOD please unlocks
    the gates of kindness, lead the life Friday
    expressed his happiness and prosperity.
  • The completion of the recitation of prayer in the mosque to
    get out of the mosque and recite Darood peace first and then read alternately read.
  • Muslim who was better. In this hand and tongue
    Muslims are safe in the arms of God.

Jumma Mubarak Messages

  • The search for the light to see things clearly,
    and then waits for the light guide. Do not wait for her,
    but start looking for from now.
  • Disbelieve in their Lord, and trust in us.
    Forgive and forget us our goodness and sinful deeds deliver.
  • “O God, grant me to take advantage of my eyes and keep
    (preserve) until my death and given authority to give me
    my enemies and help to those who wronged me.”
  • “I take the name of God and God’s bombing of the elimination of
    cold or heat, disease and then say, God willing.”
  • “I seek refuge in relief being very blessed name of God
    all over the traction evilz (spring) the nerves and the evils of a hot fire
  • Whenever you want to do something
    Do it, but do it on your own
    When you will have the guts
    to improve yourself without the help of anyone
    at that time you will be called Successful
    Jumma Mubarak

Jumma Mubarak Duas

  • When jumma comes
    It brings a lot of blessings
    Allah is the most merciful on this Noble
    As He Almighty has called Jumma the Noble day Amoung all days
  • Wish you A Happy Jumma Mubarak
    May you and your family enjoy the best of their healths
  • Wish you a Jumma Mubarak
    may this Jumma brings your house prosperity
  • Happiness is to have a thing without asking someone
    And thats how Allah Reward us all
    Have a Great Jumma Mubarak
    Keep me also in your prayers
  • Our Allah is the most merciful and the most beneficent
    He wants us to do good deed So that He can award us all Heaven
    May we be successful in our purpose of Life.
  • This life is too short but the life after death is to be keep going and
    Never Ending, So, prepare yourself for that life
    Which has to be forever

Jumma Mubarak Sms

  • Everyone should prepare himself for the day of Judgement
    May Allah Bless us all and May He merciful forgive us all.
  • Jumma is the perfect opportunity for praying
    In today’s life, today’s life is busy enough
    that we have forgotten the purpose
    why we were sent here
    Remember that purpose on this Noble day of Jumma
  • Anything which is used to keep us happy
    is all in the worship of Allah
    It gives us peace calm and everything which we need
    Jumma Mubarak
  • This day is forever
    but we are not forever
    So, keep that in mind
    and worship like this is the last prayer of your
    Life. Happy Jumma
  • A purpose of living can also
    lead us to be successful in this life and in other life too
    because without any goal we can not achieve anything

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