Jumma Mubarak Quotes Sms

May He Allah Almighty accept our good deeds which we have done. If you are looking for Jumma Mubarak Quotes then you are at the right place to find. We hereby have collected some really best and amazing wishes collection about Jumma Mubarak Quotes which are so heartfelt to increase the love between your friends and family.Jumma Mubarak Quotes Sms

Jummah Mubarak Quotes Sms

  • Friday shines in the hearts of Muslims you are among
    those who will receive blessings and peace of Friday prayers.
  • There is an hour on Friday and if a Muslim gets
    while prayer offers something and ask GOD and
    then GOD positively meet your demand.
  • O God, many sins, but mercy has no limits plz
    forgive us you are Ghafur great love please forgive me,
    my parents and my family and the Muslim community
    as a whole forgives past and present.
  • Every time you have a burden on you and if
    the hard way and then do not despair because of
    the view from the top is breathtaking,
    and GOD is with you always.

Jumma Mubarak Quotes in English

  • In the day and night to pray Jummah abundance in
    me because the person who did it and will make
    recommendations to him on the Day of Resurrection.
  • Everyone has blessed on Friday full of joy,
    happiness and above all, GOD bless
    (Subhanu Wata Ala) mercy.
  • Best day the sun rises is Friday. GOD created ADAM.
    They brought him in paradise that excluded him and
    Its held the later hour of Friday.
  • When the time comes to pray Jummah stop all activities and
    answer the call to prayer, to fulfill seriously, and prayer,
    and consultation and learning through social contact and
    when the prayer is done sprinkle for your professional.
  • He showed us the way I’ve always had and even now,
    in his name shines in our hearts desires on Friday.
  • If you are on the right path to GOD, If it is difficult for you,
    then run. If you get tired then walk slowly.
    If you can’t then crawl. But do not ever come back or stop.

Jumma Mubarak Duas

  • Leave the morning make me a word of mercy,
    because I put my faith in you. Display me the mode,
    where I would enthusiasm for you to lift up my soul.
  • Prayers unanswered sometimes are the best.
    You never know what GOD wrote in favor for you and continue the prayer,
    and you did not know where the GOD will lead you.
  • Attachment to nature has limits but the Lord attachment that
    you develop when you open the inner eye has no limit.
    Enjoy the fact, not this false picture.
  • The day of blessing
    and the day of mercy
    stay happy stay blessed
    Jummah Mubarak,
  • The Beautifullest day of the week
    the day of great worship
    the day of blessing
    and the day of great faith
    and the day of great worship
    Jumah Mubarak
    Stay blessed!

Jumma Mubarak Wishes

  • I am here in your inbox to wish an amazing day along with
    some amazing Jumma Mubarak Quotes. Hope you liked the way
    of wishing Happy friday
  • The day which has built huge respect for it
    has come, the day which is more than blessed
    and make us more than happy is once again here
    to bless us all once again as it did the previous week
  • If the Friday should be spent spiritually as Allah and His Prophet (SAWW)
    has told us to spend if we do so, then there is a good news for
    us that the sins of the whole week have been such removed
    as we never did them. So, keep me in your prayers and keep praying

Happy Friday Quotes

  • The day of Friday is very unique and important for all the Muslims
    because our Prophet (SAWW) has told us many of the blessings
    which are only enabled on the day of Friday. Happy Friday to you and
    Your family.
  • Consistently blessings are on us, there is a day like Friday which
    is full of blessings and charms. May this noble day keep coming to our
  • Nobleness of this day cannot be defined in words
    we are here once again enjoying the noble day among all the days
    and we should celebrate it in doing worship and asking for Allah’s
    blessings to us and all our family members.

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