Kindness Poems About Being Kind To Others

If the feelings and emotions of kindness, humility, generosity, sympathy, humanity and compassion penetrate each and every young mind today, the world can be a better place tomorrow.

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Kindness  Poems About Being Kind To Others

  1. The only deed.
    The best deed.
    The deed which can take away anger.
    The deed which can make a stone heart soft like a flower.
  2. Kindness is best.
    Kindness is only.
    Kindness can make any one better.
    Kindness can take away anger.
    Kindness can take away bitterness.
    Kindness can change anything.
    So please be kind.
    Its my wish.
  3. Wear the cape of kindness
    The underwear of generosity
    And you will be able to conquer the world
    Like Superman, in any adversity
  4. No more will I skip a day,
    or erase it from my mind.
    I’ll take each moment of each day,
    and be thankful and kind.