I Love You Poems For Daughter, Son

I was given such a Great Gift. Send I Love You Poems To Your Daughter and Son. It’s a miracle that never stops amazing me and reminding me to give thanks, every day. Having a Daughter gives me a lot more purpose. I was much more selfish.

I Love You Poems For Daughter with photo

I Love  You Poems For Daughter

  1. The best gift for me.
    The best gift for my family.
    The thing I have.
    The best thing I ever demanded.
    It’s my daughter.
    I love her the most.
  2. I am not special.
    But I have something special.
    I am not the luckiest person.
    But I have my luck with me.
    It’s my daughter.
    I love her very much.
  3. My little daughter is prettier than a doll,
    & her heart is the most beautiful among all.
    Her lovely hair falls so perfectly down,
    She looks no less than a princess even without a crown.
  4. My sweet little angel I love you so,
    And, I just want you to know,
    That you are so special in my life,
    Without you, it is hard to strive,
    My daughter my sweetheart you are the best,
    Stay blessed and happy with loving zest!

Son is a great Blessing of Allah. Gradually, we learn from the stories and secrets of others, and fell madly in love. This kind of love that some people may find it boring.

I Love You Poems For Son with image

I Love  You Poems For Son

  • Having a son is awesome.
    Having a son like you is even more awesome.
    Son is a blessing.
    Son is a gift.
    I love my son.
  • You are my pride.
    You are my glide.
    You are my king.
    You are my scout.
    Wish you luck.
    Love you so much.
  • Day by day that you grow,
    One thing for sure I know
    That you will become a good human being
    Anyone has ever seen
    You make me so proud my boy
    With you I have all the joy,
    Of the world around,
    Love you my son
  • God gave me a precious gift,
    A son who did everything for my spirits to lift.
    My entire life can go on,
    Looking at your graceful face my son.
    I tuck you into bed every day,
    And promise to make you happy in every way.