I Love You Poems For Fiance

Want to express your love feelings to your fiance but stuck on choosing the words then when would we help you. Here in SmsZoo we have a Great collection that will definitely help you a lot.

I Love You Poems For Fiance with picture

I Love  You Poems For Fiance

  1. I am gifted.
    I am blessed.
    I am thankful.
    I have you.
    The fiance.
  2. Every one demands.
    I get blessed.
    I love him the most.
    He make me feel secure.
    I have the best fiance.
    Want to live with him for lone.
  3. Love is a feeling,
    Which changes with time,
    But, this won’t happen with me,
    Because your love is like my life
    It is my world and ecstasy
    I love you for what you are,
    Please don’t ever go far,
    Because I love you a lot!
  4. Love is magical and divine,
    Love is the way you look at me and smile.
    Love is wonderful and holy,
    Love is the day I make you mine!
    I love you!