I Love You Poems For Wife

Want to express your love feelings to your wife but stuck on choosing the words then when would we help you. Here in SmsZoo we have a Great collection

I Love You Poems For Wife with photo

I Love  You Poems For Wife

  1. I am shy.
    But this is the truth.
    I will not hide it.
    I love you.
  2. I am happy.
    I am lucky.
    I am not special.
    But I have something special.
    My wife is special.
    I love her.
  3. Each day, I think about you,
    And, I love you more than ever,
    You are the bright star of my life,
    Without you, I would not strive,
    Love you!
  4. Each time I look at your gorgeous face,
    I feel my heart melt in your love.
    I just cannot stop thinking about you.
    I love you.



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