Marriage Anniversary Wishes To Sister

Marriage is a new way of life, when your sister got it, and you have new chances to wish new couple so have fun and send them wishes by choosing some beautiful wishes. Here are few mentions and choose for them.

Marriage Anniversary Wishes To Sister

Marriage Anniversary Wishes To Sister

  • I know I am not late
    I am on time
    And the first one
    Who is going to wish you
    Happy anniversary
  • I guess that new year
    Will be the best one
    And previous was awesome
    Happy anniversary
  • May your all pains whisper
    And you both spend happier life
    For future and more hundred years
    Happy anniversary
  • A bite of love and affection
    A happily life forever ahead
    Happy anniversary
  • I want to wish you
    On this beautiful day
    A wonderful moment
    With each other
    When a new year take start
    Happy anniversary
  • May your love always remain fresh
    Happy anniversary to
    most beautiful couple
    Happy anniversary
  • I wish you warmly on this beautiful time
    With a lot of love and prayers to both of you
    May you have hundred years together more
    Happy anniversary
  • May your companion ship remain long
    And make life more beautiful
    than previous year
    Happy anniversary
  • You both are just perfect pair
    Of the whole world
    Wish you a very happy life
    Happy anniversary
  • Love can’t be seen
    You both are examples of love
    May you have wonderful year more
    Happy anniversary
  • A new year of life is here
    With each other of you both
    So enjoy it and celebrate the day
    Happy anniversary
  • Echo sound of the sea and love to
    have certain things in common that
    they are continuous and eternal time.
    Happy anniversary
  • Anniversary sweet are the result of passing
    through the father of all the moments of life
    on the one hand, and heart to heart.
    Happy anniversary
  • No one and nothing in this world is
    perfect, but both as soon as possible.
    Happy anniversary
  • For some couples, being an ideal
    way of being flawless. But for someone
    like you to beautiful, a perfect way to
    accept the imperfections of others.
    Happy anniversary
  • It should be in the anniversary month,
    and not a matter of a week, with only
    one day a year is not enough to show
    each other how much you care.
    Happy anniversary
  • Romantic trip, an exciting ride,
    adventure, fun, amazing, beautiful
    campaign an unforgettable adventure,
    a heavenly journey, if this is the
    definition of marriage and the way
    to your destination.
    Happy anniversary
  • Each anniversary makes me worried,
    unconfident, worried & stressed because it
    adds to the pressure to find the perfect match.
    Happy anniversary
  • It is not necessary to wait for the biggest
    anniversary to celebrate a milestone in your life.
    Happy anniversary
  • As an elderly couple may become unstable
    beautiful legs and wrinkles adorn their faces
    and beautiful, but their love for each other does
    not seem to disappear, regardless of the stages of life.
    Happy anniversary
  • Anniversary is the stage where you can
    stop and look back on your life that all the
    beautiful memories and tie you to enjoy all
    the wonderful promises that are not fulfilled.
    Happy anniversary
  • Even after so many years together,
    the two other windows.
    Here you want to stay forever.
    Happy anniversary
  • Even in difficult times, and difficult
    situations and difficult circumstances,
    which showed that a happy marriage can
    browse through all the storms of life.
    Happy anniversary


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