Miss You SMS Messages

Missing someone is often a stage in our lives that we all come through many times. It’s natural to love our fellow beings and value them. Just to make them feel special, here are a few cute Missing You Messages that you can share with your loved one:

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Miss You SMS Messages

  • There is many word in English alphabet
    But only the word “U” have its own attraction
    Because I Miss U very much.
  • Though I really want to let you feel superfluous
    But I really am missing you
    Please be back soon
  • Sending you this special note just to make you
    realize how worthy you are in my life and its
    every passing moment. I miss you!
  • Thinking of the zealous time  had with you
    I miss you
  • Missing someone is the art of life
    A life worth living is the life, having someone to love
  • When I see  someone smile, I miss you
    When I see someone cheering, I miss you
    When I see the shine of love, I miss you
    I wish you always stay near me.
  • From A to Z the word “U”
    is the only one I miss a lot.
  • The time clock sucks
    The moments freeze
    The thoughts of my mind are getting deep
    Yes!  I do miss you a lot.
  • Thinking of the time you will be with me
    and the whole worlds turns out to be
    completely different.
  • As he stars shine in the sky
    I wish you stay in my life forever
    I miss you
  • When I miss you everything around me just freezes
    and most difficult is to spend time without you.
    I miss you. Please be back soon
  • I be not perfect
    I may be so bad
    I may be even easier to forget
    But the truth is “I miss you a lot”
  • People missed in life are the ones we are
    extremely good with and whom we care about a lot
  • Sending this special message just to make you
    realize that you are missing so badly in all the
    special moments of my life.
    May you have a blissful life pal.
  • All the time I ask my heart “How is he?”
    It says: I care for you
    All the time I ask my heart
    “How have you been through the years”
    It whispers slowly: I miss you a lot
  • The time I miss you is the time extreme
    difficult to pass. I  wish you can be with me soon.

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