Missing My Husband Quotes Messages

In life, Friendship is everything. Missing you husband can make you feel hollow from inside. Sometimes it is even worse than missing someone you love. SmsZoo have a big collection about I Miss You Messages For Husband

Missing My Husband Messages Far Away with photo

Missing  My Husband Quotes Messages

    • Missing you a lot.
      Missing you deeply.
      Missing you heartily.
      Missing you so much.
      Feeling very lonely.
    • You are my happiness.
      You are my love.
      You are my friend.
      You are my gloom.
      Wishing you so much.
      Come back soon.
    • I miss your voice near my ears,
      I miss your staring eyes,
      I miss your kisses oh so sweet,
      The way we used to greet,
      I miss you so much my hubby dear,
      Please come back to me and near!
    • Missing you is not my choice,
      Without you, there is nothing to rejoice,
      Coz you are my world and my life,
      I so miss you my hubby dear,
      Wish you were with me and near,
      I love you
    • Dear, Husband
      I know you are missing me
      and I am missing you too
      I will be come soon as possible
      and don’t worry about me
      Love you, dear.
    • Honey
      I know these distances can separate us physically
      But our hearts are always are connected to each other
      I really miss you dear
    • You know I am really missing you
      Dear, I will be  back as soon as possible
      these distances between us will not be always there
      I will be back soon.
    • Dear Husband
      Whenever I feel the dark shade of life,
      I feel your love in the sight,
      Whenever I feel alone in my life,
      I feel your presence in the sight.
      Missing you and Love you a lot.
    •  A flashback t those beautiful moments
      When we were together
      I know, you know that was beautiful moments
      Are really special for both of us
      I am really missing you
      and waiting for you my Love.