Mother’s Day Wishes For Social Media

Mothers Day Wishes to all the Mothers. Just to tell that how much I love my mother, I have poured my heart out in these wishes.  Every relation can be replaced but nobody can ever take the place of a Mother.  Here are few Mother’s day wishes.

 Mothers Day Sms Pictures For Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter

 Mothers Day Wishes Sms For Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter

  • When all things seem to slip from hand’s
    When I feel myself shattered
    The person who softly gather me
    You know who that is
    You Mom it’s you.
  • Smooth silky feeling of hands, running on cheeks
    Warmth of love
    Satisfaction in lap
    Free of fears
    This love can be get from just one person
    You know who she is
    No one can be except Mother
  • Hour’s passes
    So do days
    Month changes to year
    And we grow older and older
    What I wish with these passing days
    Is that my each day my start by seeing your smiling face
    And end in your lap
  • I love you Mom
    Stay healthy stay long
  • Making me smile at my worst time
    Hugging me tightly when I completely lost myself
    Stand a site when no one is there
    It’s you Mother
    Happy mother days
  • In darkest ways
    Beam of light
    Push of courage
    Strength for struggle
    All provided by You Mother
  • Small supportive phrase of you
    Give me strength
    Teaches me the way
    When I lost myself
    Know I just want to say
    Live long life will be meaningless without you
    MY dear Mom.
  • To my world dearest Mom you are my first true
    love and I can’t imagine life without you,
    my whole world is just you whatever
    I think you every hollow space is being
    filled by you. I love you Mom…
  • When I first open my eye’s you was the
    first person I watched with a full smile
    and tear’s in eye’s that where cause of
    extreme happiness’, at this day I just want
    to say as you where the first person I saw
    and want to see you as a last person when
    I close my eyes.
  • Source of smile source of satisfaction
    last hope in this world in front of whom
    I can cry, it’s just you just and just
    you my Mother.
  • When I close my eye’s the darkness appear
    but when I think of someone everything get
    bright that person which make me feel like
    that is you love of my life MY Mother.
  • Mother is the finest creature on earth
    No love can be compared with mothers love
    Mother is another name for love
    Happy mother’s day