Mother Day Wishes From Daughter 2018

Happy Mother Day Wishes for every mother. Mother and daughter share a beautiful relationship. To show more on how a daughter feels about her mother, read the lines given below. and wish Happy Mother’s Day to every mother.

Mother’s Day Wishes From Daughter

Happy Mother Day From Daughter 2018

  • When I was kid
    you would dress me
    you would make me look pretty
    now its my turn to love you back
    love you mom
  • I could not understand your love
    I did not know how you know me so well
    but now that I am a mother myself
    I want to thank you
    love you mom
  • You call me your princess
    you are my queen
    you call me your doll
    you are my inspiration
    you call me sweet
    you are my candy
    I love you mom
  • mother and daughter are something more
    they are friends
    they confide on each other
    because they know each other
  • you taught me to cook
    you taught me to sew
    you told me all that
    I would have never knew
  • we might not get to see each other
    we might be at distance
    but I want to tell you
    I am still your little doll
    I still need you
    love you mom
  • you braid my hair
    you put them in lair
    you tell me jokes
    you knit for me socks
    you are awesome
    you make this life wholesome
  • dear mother
    the first person I ever loves is you
    and you are the only person I keep on loving despite
    the distances and the hectic routine
  • you are my fashion inspiration
    you are my diva
    you are the most beloved person to me
    I love you dear mother
  • Can I tell you a secret?
    When people look at me
    they say I look like you
    and for this
    I truly love you