New Baby Congratulations Card Wording

Wishes for newborns shouldn’t always be cute, cuddly and drool worthy. Inspirational quotes and Motivational sayings about being a mom and dad can go become lovely keep sake for years to come. Here we have post about New Baby Congratulation Wishes.

New Baby Congratulation Wishes with Picture

New Baby Congratulation Wishes

  • Congratulations on the birth
    of a new baby. May this baby
    brings happiness to your life.
  • Congratulations dear on getting
    the awesome gift of your life.
    May this baby bring happiness
    and love in not only his life but
    yours too.
  • May this new baby become the
    starting of the new era of happiness
    for you.
  • Congrats you have got a new
    edition to your family to your
    life to your. Keep him with great
  • Congrats bro the new baby
    is very cute. Congrats you are
    now two times the parents.
  • Congrats dear on getting the new
    Now you both of your rank
    has been raised up like you are now
    a father and your wife is know
    a mother.
  • Becoming a parent is the moment
    when all of life’s battles suddenly
    seem worth fighting for. Congratulations.
  • So precious, so small, so sweet. Two tiny
    hands, two tiny feet. Cute smiles and
    endless giggles, sweet nothings and
    adorable wriggles. All this and a lot
    more, is what will make your life soar.
  • Life will be full of ups and downs. It will
    be one tough ride. But your love for your
    child will be the anchor that will see you
    through it all. Congratulations for becoming parents
  • Congratulations for becoming mommy and
    daddy to a baby boy, I am sure he will be
    quite a handful and a bundle of joy.