Happy New Month Sms Wishes For Friends

Friends are most innocent force of the nature who become wild as well so make them happy always and always make yourself Happy Wish them by using such wishes.
Happy New Month Sms Wishes For Friends

Happy New Month Sms Wishes For Friends

  • Next New Month have great effect in my life,
    Because next Month My Marriage date has been fixed.
    Happy New Month.
  • Friends are those who understand you
    Without any agreement, on each step
    So be with them
    Happy new month
  • friendship is so easy to do
    But so difficult to continue
    Happy new month
  • may you got more happiness on the start of New Month
    And have a long lasting life in this world
  • may you got more blessings and love
    And many months new faces
    And you got it again and again
    Happy new month
  • on new month’s start I pray
    Day like today come again in your life
    On your happy way of life
    Had a great spring
  • eve of new month is here
    On lips of eve
    My memories
    Are waiting
    And make all candles of in your part
    And my name’s candles should be on
  • don’t worry if one more month gone
    Be in privileged ones and be mature
    Happy new month
  • you are like air
    Which surrounds me all the time
    When I am alone or in gatherings
    Happy new month
  • till the night have moon every one walks with you
    But I ensure the world you will stay with me in dark
  • when anything erupted
    Or any problem comes
    Just called me by my name
    Oh my friend! Happy new month

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