New Year Wishes 2016

It Is A Tradition To Greet Your Loved Ones With Beautiful Words And Wishes That Can Make Their Special Days Even More Special. Previously, Greeting Cards Were Used For This Purpose But With The Passage Of Time And Varying Environments, This Culture Has Also Been Modified As Well. Now Greeting Cards Are Used Less, Instead Wishes Giving Tradition Has Been Turned From Letters, Greeting Cards And Stuff Like That To Emails, E-Cards And Mobile Small Messages. This Is An Easy And Instant Way To Make Your Loved Ones Feel Even More Special In An Easy And Quick Way. Words Matter A Lot, Small And Cute Words Can Do A Lot That Even Huge Gifts Cannot. A Word Well Said At The Right Moment Can Make Someone’s Day And Bring A Lot Of Smiles On The Lips. Keeping In Mind, The Importance Of Greetings And Wishes, We Have A Collection For You For Your Ease. Choose One And Send It Out, This Is Surely Going To Work.

Happy New Year Wishes 2016 With Images

Happy New Year Wishes 2016

  • Here Is A Wish,
    I Make For You,
    This Is A Wish,
    I Make For Few…
    Happy New Year!
    I Wish Your Day To Be Filled With Love And A Lot Of Sweets, Some Beautiful Tweets,
    Some Gossips, Get Together And Some Treats..
  • My Day Is Incomplete Without You,
    My Days Are Dull Without You,
    My Nights Are Empty Without You,
    My Breaths Are Incomplete Without You,
    My Prayers Are For You,
    My Intentions Are For You,
    Because I Am Only Complete With You..
    Here I Am Wishing “NEW YEAR” To You…
    Wish You A Very Happy New Year!
  • Life Is Once,
    A Combination Of Days And Nights,
    Love And Some Fights,
    Some Wrongs And Some Rights,
    But A New Year’s Eve Comes Every Year Just Once,
    I Wish You And Your Family,
    A Very Happy New Year To You And Your Family!
  • I Wish You
    Beautiful January,
    Blessed February,
    Superb March,
    Happiest April,
    Awesome May,
    Sweetest June,
    Great July,
    Zealous August,
    Optimistic September,
    Cold October,
    Pleasant November,
    Best December
    In Short, Very Happy New Year J
  • From The Dawn, To The Dusk
    Of Every Day,
    Every Hour Of Every Day,
    Every Minute Of Every Hour,
    Every Second Of Every Minute,
    I Wish You Blessing All Your Days..
    Happy New Year!
  • We May Talk Less,
    Communicate Rare,
    Call Very Few Times,
    But It Does Not Mean, I Have Forgotten You,
    You Are Always There,
    Close To My Heart,
    My Every Occasion And Every Day Is Special Only With You..
    I Wish You Very Happy New Year ..
  • May Your Every Day Of This Coming Year,
    Be Joyous, Be Cheerful,
    Be Blessed And It Raises Your Fortune
    Every Single Day..
    May You Have A Blessed Eve And A Year Ahead..
  • May Your All Wishes Come True,
    May You Forget All Your Sorrows,
    May Each Single Day Bring More Hopes And Happiness,
    Making Your Life Like Moon Among The Stars,
    Turning You Grieves Into Goodness,
    Hates Into Love
    And A Very Happy New Year..
  • I Bow To My Lord,
    Asking For Your Rise,
    Praying For Your Happiness,
    And I Hope All Your Dreams Be Filled
    I Wish You Loads And Lots And
    Bundles And Burdens Of Love On Each And Every Day..
    Remember, I Will Always Pray..
    Happy New Year!