New Years Quotes Sms 2017

This is Fun that people come together and want to happy and enjoy, there are many options for you that you will enjoy your life. NEW YEAR is the year which is coming and people are happy to see New amazement. Here we have  a big collection about New Year.New Years Quotes With Photos

New Years Quotes

  • Today is the last night of the year
    going towards its end. Wish you a
    very happy new year, and also wish
    for a great new starting for you.
  • Last year was tough for you I
    know but this year will sure
    bring positive changes. Wish
    you a very happy new year.
    Want to see you successive.
  • May this year ends with ending
    all your difficulties of life. May the
    next year become the starting of
    happiness for you.
  • Today is the New Year. I wish that
    this New Year sun rise with bringing
    happiness and love and joy with its
    Happy New Year.
  • Happy New Year and Congratulations on
    entering another year. Not everyone is able
    to open their eyes to see every day you are
    luckiest person you have to admit it because
    you are able to see the New Year eve once more.
  • New day, new year , new beginning
    old friends, old time, old relation
    happy new year
  • New year have a new faces,
    New year have a new thing,
    New year have a new hope,
    So I wish you very happy new Year.
  • Forget all thing about past year,
    Forget all sorrow about past year,
    Forget all grief about past year,
    Standup and welcome the New Year.
  • New year has 365 Days,
    But in these 365 Days a year,
    Have countless happiness,
    With you gather hands up for New Year.
  • New Year come with new hope,
    Let make fun and do some special.