Prayer SMS Text Messages

Pray is a wish for someone. It is the Collection of various beautiful words for someone very special and near to the heart.

Prayer SMS Text Messages

Prayer SMS Text Messages

  • Prayer look a small Word,
    But it have much power with in self,
    So i pray for you “May you success in your life”.
  • I’m alone, I pray,
    I’m depressed, I pray,
    I’m happy, I pray,
    I’m sad, I pray,
    I’m satisfied, I pray,
    I’m helpless, I pray,
    Allah listens even when I need or even
    when I don’t. Thanks to Almighty Allah.
    Allah Bless You
  • Prayer is the only precious gift which
    I gave to my dear ones in any situation.
    Allah Bless You
  • A cute child was praying “Allah almighty!
    Please send rain”. “ I wish to enjoy rain”.
    Allah Bless You
  • Often prayers are obeyed in difficulties.
    In such a situation where a person neither
    get solution nor any other way out by naked eye.
    Allah Bless You
  • If you think that it is impossible,
    then just do one thing i.e. “pray”.
    Allah Bless You
  • Prayer is the key to heaven. Muslims
    are unlocking the locks five times a day.
    Allah Bless You
  • Tear which is shed through an eye while
    praying is the access towards the Jannah.
    Allah Bless You
  • Believe in miracles and miracles
    happen through prayer.
    Allah Bless You
  • I pray for the better future of my child.
    Allah listens and respond quickly by
    protecting my child all day long.
    Allah Bless You
  • My sole becomes clean and pious when
    I truly pray from my heart.
    God listens and give. I do believe.
    Allah Bless You
  • Prayers are useless without beliefs and
    beliefs are useless without search.
    Allah Bless You
  • When I think that all my efforts and
    prayers go in vain. I am still not losing hope.
    I said to my mother “mom you pray for me”.
    Allah will listen your voice I am deadly sure.
    Allah Bless You
  • 1st friend: buddy! Please pray for me?
    2nd friend: only on one condition.
    1st friend: ok! I will accept your all conditions.
    2nd friend: listen! “Never doubt my prayers
    until you succeed” because Allah doesn’t
    give to the hopeless hearts.
    Allah Bless You
  • I pray and wish you a very humble and
    peaceful life after your marriage.
    This is the pious relation on earth.
    Pray for each other it will increase
    your love, care, prosperity,
    wealth and satisfaction.
    Allah Bless You
  • If you have nothing to give something
    to someone, then give pray, And if you
    have something to give to someone,
    then again give pray, There is no
    substitution of prayer on this planet.
    Allah Bless You
  • I pray to the top of the wine hits the bottle cap.
    Is brewing internally, and must be vented.
    Allah Bless You
  • God punishes us lightly ignoring
    our prayers and severely answered.
    Allah Bless You
  • When we pray to God should
    consider it for nothing – nothing.
    Allah Bless You
  • “Give us this day our daily bread” is
    probably the most perfectly constructed
    sentence and established useful than ever
    in English.
    Allah Bless You
  • Prayer does not change God,
    but the exchange of praying.
    Allah Bless You
  • No one firmly believes in the power of prayer to
    the devil. It does not exercise it, but suffering.
    Allah Bless You
  • Trouble and confusion leads me to
    pray and pray away confusion and turmoil.
    Allah Bless You
  • Do not pray when it rains if you
    do not pray when the sun shines.
    Allah Bless You
  • Constant prayer value, not that he
    will listen to us, but we will listen.
    Allah Bless You
  • Prayer can not change things for you,
    but to make sure that changes things.
    Allah Bless You
  • Two of the workforce can do more
    than a thousand clasped in prayer.
    Allah Bless You
  • Give a man a fish you feed him for one day.
    Give the religion, and they will starve to death
    while praying for a fish.
    Allah Bless You
  • I prayed for twenty years but received
    no response until I prayed with my legs.
    Allah Bless You
  • I know these ups and downs are part of life
    but believe me, Allah is always with us
    He will help you in every need
    if he is not giving you something
    then he has something else good for you
  • Dear,
    Never lose hope
    I know you are upset
    but never lose hope form his house
    I know he has planned something better for you
    so stay blessed.


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