Prayers and Duas for 3rd Ashra Of Ramadan

Month of Ramadan contain 30 days consist 3 ashra and for each ashra there is a special benedictions so in this way I am presenting you Dua 3rd ashra of Ramadan with translation English. According to Islamic readings the 3rd Ashra is “Nijat”. Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) advised us that during this month you get three chances to make to clear from your sins you have been accused during whole year. For this Muslims receive 3 ashra and a special due for each ashra of Ramadan which is the way to make us relief.
“Allah saves us from the hell`s fire”

3rd Ashra Of Ramadan Sms Duas with image

3rd Ashra Of Ramadan Sms

  • Ramadan month is a blessing of Allah,
    And in Ramadan third Ashra is a gift from Allah.
    Allah saves us from fire of hell.
  • Ramadan mean blessing of Allah,
    Ramadan mean having a lot of gift from Allah,
    So one of them is third Ashra.
    In which we pray for our self to saves from hell fire.
  • They is many little prayer for Ramadan,
    But small and most powerful dua is 3rd Ashra dua.
    This saves us from hell fir.
  • Most powerful and precious gift from Allah,
    Is Ramadan. In Ramadan there is a 3rd Ashra,
    In 3rd Ashra there is a night this night called shab e qadr.
    I pray for you every time in that night.
  • This is the third Ashra of Ramadan and
    this is for demanding forgiveness to
    So try to convince Allah.
  • Third Ashra of Ramadan belongs to
    those peoples who know how to
    Bow down to Allah correctly. I
    Wish may all you family live happily
  • This Ashra is made for the Muslims to
    beg for their forgiveness in front of Allah.
    I wish may your family be forgive by Allah,
    and Allah bless your life with happiness and
  • Want to see you and your family happy
    and blessed. So praying for you and
    your family in the 3rd Ashra of Ramadan.
    Because in this Ashra Allah give us the
    Chance to Beg for Forgiveness.
  • “Oh Allah! Verify you are most forgiving.
    You love to forgive, therefore forgive me.”
  • Ramadan is the month of blessing.
    Whose beginning is mercy,
    which middle is forgiveness, and
    whose end is celebration.
    May you be blessed with the love
    and protection of Allah
    wishes you a pleasant 3rd Ashra of Ramadan.