Quotes about Allah’s Love

Although we are incomplete, God loves us completely. Although we are perfect, we love us completely. Although we may feel lost and without compass, God’s love surrounds us completely. Each and every one of us loves, even those who are faulty, disallowed, uncooperative, sad or cracked.

Quotes about Allah's Love

Quotes about Allah’s Love, Life, Mercy

  • Do not trust anyone, but God completely.
    I love people, but put all his trust in God.
  • Any fool knows that bullying is always the resumption of insecurity.
    That’s right. On that note, I will say good night.
  • We are trying to instill a little good in American culture.
    I love God, love your neighbor, and duck hunting.
    Increase your children & make it well behave,
    just I love them. I do not see a downside to this.
  • You can call the love of God, you can connect to
    God’s goodness. But the best name of God is compassion.
  • I’m not here to kill people, and God loves you and
    I’m married, but I think it is more superficial.
  • We need to be impressed by the greatness of GOD,
    surprised that he bother to interaction us by designation &
    a extensive door of love. We are disoriented in the Holy Land at the moment.
  • Just as when you are sitting in front of the fire in the winter
    you’re right there before the fire.
    You do not have to be smart or anything. The fire that warms.
  • The paradox here. We can fully supports the love of
    God when we realize how unworthy they are.
  • Even kings and emperors with heaps of wealth and
    power and wide cannot be compared with the love of God full of ants.
  • Sin in all our sins is that the lie of the serpent trust that
    we cannot trust the love and elegance of Christ.
    We always take stuffs into our own hands.