Quotes About Emotions

Every human being have emotions related to family, friends , some one special. every one have equal right express  their emotion, emotion can be related different timing and different places.

Quotes about Emotions

 Quotes about Emotions and Feelings

  • I cannot be seen to the best and most beautiful things
    in the world or even touching it. It must feel with the heart
  • I do not want to be in the thank you my feelings.
    I want to use them, enjoy them and control them.
  • One thing you cannot hide is
    when you’re crippled inside.
  • Passion that can break your heart
    sometimes the same good health.
  • Emotions are a slave to your thoughts,
    and you’re a slave to his emotions.
  • The world is a tragedy to those who sense
    and a funniness to those who reflect.
  • Envy people who know love.
    They have someone to take them as they are.
  •  Keep on his heart. Because if you let go,
    it quickly loses control of the head as well.
  • I consider myself intelligent sensor of a clown
    who always impose me on their
    progress in the human protruding.
  • Cannot be ignored, but the feelings,
    no matter how unjust or seem ungrateful.
  • By the time he cried in a movie not of the sad things,
    but when you happen to be
    more beautiful than we expected it to be.
  • love is always on the emotions.
    love is good for free feelings; bad love emotions banned.
  • The sign of an intelligent people is their
    ability to control their emotions from the
    application of reason.