Quotes About Love, Cute Love

I love you. I am what I am because of you. You are absolutely right, all the hopes and all the dreams I’ve ever had, and regardless of what happens to us in the future.

Quotes About Love, Cute Love Care

  • Sometimes it’s hard to find words to tell
    you how much you mean to me.
  • In many cases, do not say something.
    But I have confidence that one day you will recognize.
  • If you know that I will fall in love with the angel,
    and I have searched hard and you’ve met before.
  • It seems to me that love in
    ways innumerable, many times, in life.
  • To be your friend was all I wanted.
    To be your lover was everything I dreamed of.
  • I love you not only for who you are,
    but why i am when I’m with you.
  • As you know, I lost myself. Without you,
    I find myself wanting to get lost again.
  • For the world, it is possible for one person,
    but to one person you are the world
  • My love for you has no depth, its borders is widening.
    And my love and my life with you to be a never-ending story.
  • You can hold my hand for a while,
    but take my heart forever.
  • I hope in times of trial, and joy in the
    hour of my sorrow and love in everything I do.
  • If you live many years I just want to live, to be a
    hundred minus one day, so I do not have to live without you.



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