Rainy Day Romantic Sms For Loved Ones

Rain is a blessing of Allah. If this blessing shower and exceed limit then whole nation in a terrible. Rainy season makes very Happy. Here we have a very big collection about Rainy Day. It gives comfort to everyone as well as makes Happy.

Rainy Day Sms Quotes With Picture

Happy Rainy Day

  • Rain is falling and making my
    the mind and heart fresh from
    all the dust of my past. I want
    to wash all my tension in this
    rain away. Happy rainy day.
  • Rain comes with several of
    good news but I like the news
    of happiness spread across the
    land which changes the mood
    of peoples and make them joyful.
    Happy rainy day.
  • Rain has its important in many
    ways but, it has a special feeling
    of love for the lovers it makes them
    feel more lovingly. So happy rainy
    day try to enjoy it.
  • I want enjoy this day with you,
    by hugging you and dancing
    with you across the rain but
    I can’t because we both are
    far away from each other.
    Happy rainy day.
  • A rainy day is the perfect time
    for a walk in the wood.
    Tears of joy are like the summer
    rain drop pierced by sunbeam.
  • Life is not about waiting
    for the storm to pass.
    it’s about learning to dance in
    the rain
  • Rain is a Blessing of Allah,
    But when it become more than we want,
    It Become discomfortfor All.
    So be for Blessing Rain.
  • Rainy day is a best day,
    For fun, joy and entertainment.
  • Love is like a storm and,
    Tears is like a rain,
    Which comes after storm.
  • Nothing makes human Happy,
    Just Rainy Day Makes them happy.
  • Dear Honey,
    I know you are looking for happy life
    and happy life come with family
    and with your good friends
    so, Enjoy every moment with them
    and have a happy day dear.
  • This is the new day with special gift
    I wish you enjoy the day
    and wish you best of luck for your further life
    happy rainy day dear
  • A new day with the special and blessed rain
    May you got blessed in this rain and you enjoy this rain
    Happy rainy day dear.
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