Rainy Day Sms Quotes

Rain Is The Situation Which Brings So Many Memories Back; Being In The Rainy Weather With Someone You Love Is The Most Beautiful Feeling Ever. It Boosts Up Emotions Of Love And Romance. People Listen To Music, Dedicate Music And Even Send Beautiful Messages To Loved Ones As Well. Here Is A Collection.


  • Rain is a Blessing of God. So we Always
    Pray For That rain in-which human not get any trouble.
    Happy Rainy Day
  • The Best You Can Do When It Is Raining Is
    Let It Rain,
    Just Get Wet And Feel It,
    Happy Rainy Day!
  • Just Do Not Get Wet,
    Just Be Set,
    Let Your Worries Wash Away,
    With Every Drop That Falls,
    Happy Rainy Day
  • This Is Raining And It Is Making Me A Lot Sad,
    Making Me Think Of You
    About The Rains, We Enjoyed Together
    And Here I Am Wishing We Were Together,
    Happy Rainy Day
  • Only Very Few People Enjoy And Feel The Rain
    Others Just Get Into It And Comes Out Untouched
    I Wish You A Very Happy Rain..
    Happy Rainy Day
  • Rain Is The Time,
    I Miss You The Most,
    I Wish I Were There
    Or You Were Here,
    Happy Rainy Day
  • I Wish You To Be Here By My Side In Every Rain Of The Season,
    And I Pray For This In My Every Prayer
    And Today It Is Raining
    And I Am Praying Again,
    I Heard In Rain, Prayers Are Fulfilled..
    Happy Rainy Day !
  • I Wish You Were Here,
    By My Side,
    Making Me A Cup Of Coffee, The Best You Make
    And Talking To Me About Endless Things
    And Making Me Laugh Till My Belly Tires,
    I Love You
    Happy Rainy Day
  • Your Presence Was Something That Used To Make Me
    Feel The Rain But Now
    I Just Get Wet, My Eyes Shed,
    Happy Rainy Day
  • Rains Make Me Feel So Damn Fresh,
    It Feels Like Every Drop Takes Away My Troubles
    Refreshing My Thoughts
    Happy Rainy Day
  • The Best Rains Were,
    When We Were Together,
    Making Paper Boats,
    Making Them Float,
    Singing Cute Songs,
    Playing And Those Careless Laughter,
    Let’s Smile Again
    Happy Rain!
  • Do not color in the rain is more than water,
    wet and flat. A water stains and spots on the
    new written in my dress, look! But the ponds in
    the rainy season, shine like a peacock feather.
    Happy Rainy Day
  • How you down rain when there are clouds?
    How can you say you autumn leaves when there is wind?
    How can you tell me 2 in the fall of friendship when U it.
    Happy Rainy Day
  • If you have the demolition of the rainbow
    will write your name and put it back in the
    sky 2 everyone knows how the color of my
    life with a friend like you is,
    Happy Rainy Day
  • Pressed my face to the window,
    watching the rain fell.
    It had rained four hours and it seems
    that they have no intention to stop.
    Happy Rainy Day
  • Raindrops can become caught in the
    wind and blow in a horizontal path,
    he hit the side of the house.
    Each rain raindrops like thousands
    of arrows seemed to hit home.
    Happy Rainy Day
  • I had to take my hand on the glass
    and pull them in my jacket,
    which was an internal warm and very comfortable.
    Happy Rainy Day
  • I went to put on my jacket and took a deep breath.
    Cold stung my lungs and I fell in shock.
    Happy Rainy Day
  • Rain can fall hard,
    but his smile does everything well.
    I’m glad that you’re my friend.
    I know that our friendship never ends.
    Happy Rainy Day
  • Rain raindrops is the only love of
    heaven on earth did not meet each other,
    but sends love this way.
    Enjoy the love of nature.
    Happy Rainy Day
  • The rain falls because the sky is
    no longer able to control their weight,
    such as tears, it falls because the
    heart can control no more pain,
    Happy Rainy Day
  • Charlie Chaplin Said
    I like walking in rain
    because no one can see me crying.
    Happy Rainy day.
    Rain is always my favourite
    and the weather after it is satisfying
    Chirping of birds and
    beautiful colours in the sky
    Happy rainy day.

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