Ramadan Mubarak Sms 140 Words

Ramadan kareem is a blessing month, we are very happy because this special month going to be Start, And also we are happy because Allah pak have a gift for us at the time of iftari. Here we have a lot of picture about Ramadan iftari.

Ramadan Iftari Messages With Images

Ramadan Mubarak Sms Messages 2016

  • I know this time is not easy
    but I ensure you that after this
    time their will be lots of happiness
    that you can’t even imagine.
  • I know this time is hard and on
    this time control over is very hard
    but don’t take tension. A few seconds
    are left and it’s all over.
  • Iftari time has very keen importance
    in the day. Allah Almighty says that
    this time is when he didn’t regret the
    wishes that come straight from heart.
    So use this time with care.
  • Iftari time comes with great
    happiness but try to remember
    those people who don’t have food
    to eat. This, what all the fast is about.
  • Congratulation on the almost completion of
    first fast this Iftari time is important so pray for your
  • Wishing you a joy Iftari
    with happiness, health
    and success always.
  • Iftari is a greatest blessing of Allah,
    Be thankful to Allah who give us such,
    A nice blessing.
  • At time of iftari Blessing of Allah,
    showered at every Muslim.
    Happy iftari time dear.
  • Iftari special time.
    Be patient,
    Be brave,
    Happy iftari time.
  • Iftari is a very special for every person,
    It test every person patient,
    It test every person tolerant,
    Happy iftari time dear.