Retirement Wishes For Colleagues Workers

Instead of cliche Greeting Cards, flowers, gifts and emails, wish your colleagues a happy retired life by writing inspirational quotes on post-it notes. Stick them up on their desks on their last day of work. Here we have Post about Happy Retirement Wishes For Colleagues Workers.

Happy Retirement Wishes For Colleagues Workers With Picture

Wishes For Colleagues Workers

  • It’s hard to say good bye to
    such a nice companion. I really
    enjoyed working with you.
    Wish you a very happy retired
  • Don’t ever feel alone after
    retirement we are always
    their for you. Wish you a very
    Happy Retirement.
  • Wish you a very happy retirement
    and happy life. You was not just a
    coworker for me you was my friend
    you was family. Wish to see you happy.
  • Life is hard to spend for me
    when you are not around and
    know that you are going to retire
    how I will spend my day. But my
    best wishes are always with you.
  • Bro ever think of that even once that
    you are alone I am always there for you
    and I will always there for you whenever
    you need me. Happy Retirement bro enjoy
    the day of freedom.
  • You are lucky dear you are know
    retiring No hepatic routine for you.
    You don’t have to work till dawn to
    dusk know no one is over you are the
    boss of your will. Happy retirement.
  • Start listening to your heart, it’s the best
    gift you can give yourself when you retire.
  • Morning coffees will finally be what they
    are meant to be relaxed and be stressing.
    Happy retirement.
  • Retirement marks the end of working
    for someone else and the beginning
    of living for yourself.
  • Retiring too soon can rust the mind
    while retiring too late can rust the body
    Did you time your Retirement well.