Retirement Wishes For Father, Boss

Retirement has a special feeling in both ways happy and sad ways. Wishing some one retirement has special feeling in heart of that person. So if you want to wish some one in special way that you are at the right place come and explore us in SmsZoo.

Retirement Wishes Images

Retirement Wishes

  • Happy retirement and best of luck.
    Now you are going to retire and
    now your robot life is going towards
    it ending.
  • I know your daily life is tough but
    congratulations you are going to
    retire and no more tensions for
    Wish you luck for your life.
  • Know the hard life of you is going
    to end and now your fun life going
    to start. Happy retirement.
  • The daily hepatic routine of yours
    is going to end and now you will
    be boss of your own. Happy
    retirement man.
  • Congrats on your retirement, Now your hepatic
    routine for the work is over know you don’t have
    to work till the dawn to the dusk in a
    pre fixed manner now you are the boss
    of your own.
  • Retirement marks the end of
    working for someone else
    and the beginning of living
    for you.
  • I know you are ready to retire,
    When you thinking “it`s a Lucky Time”.
  • This is an awesome time for,
    “Retirement”. Now make yourself Boss.
  • Good for Retirement,
    Now you are free like a bird,
    Be Happy all the time.
  • I know it`s very sad moment for you,
    But time were not stop for anyone in the world.