Romantic Friendship Text Sms and Quotes

Romance is the best sensation for lovers. Romance is the great feeling and is a great act for lovers. If any one one can’t say some romantic words directly to his/her lover so you are at the right place here we have biggest and the best collection of romantic messages for lovers in SmsZoo. You are welcome here.

Best Romantic Friendship Messages With Photos

Best Romantic Friendship Sms

  • You are only My Sweetest Dream,
    Which Come true in My Real Life.
  • Yours and mine Friendship is like a,
    Iron which can never broke but only way,
    When externally forces not try to broke it.
  • Honestly I only think about you,
    Because you are only who grip,
    My mind in you are hand,
    I love you My Friend.
  • The only person that has a strong grip
    my mid is you. I cannot think anything
    else than you. I want to see you hug you.
    I enjoyed the friend ship with you.
  • When did I met you I have lost the control
    the control on my mind. I see you in mirror
    in place of my face. I want to see you
  • The person through whom I know what is
    the meaning of romance is you. I want you where
    ever I go where ever I live.
  • Love demands sacrifices and I have got,
    the one that truly loves me and can give any
    for me. I want you as my life partner.
  • A life partner like you can become the
    best partner companion for any one.
    You are the top in the list of best persons.
    Getting was not easy for me, but now giving
    cannot be possible for me.
  • Having you on my side is the most
    romantic and loving and satisfactory effect
    for me. This was the most romantic truth
    for me to have you on my side.
  • Love and sacrifice are nothing without,
    true feelings. And I have got this only
    due to you. Romance doesn’t matters for me
    but if it comes from you it really matters.
    Thank yo very much.