Romantic Good Night Sms for Wife

Wife is the one who need more attention all time in morning, evening  and night specially, even more near or far from you always wish her good night at time, because she’s there waiting for you. Here are few mentions to wish her.

Romantic Good Night Sms for Wife

Romantic Good Night Sms Messages for Wife

  • I know I am far
    But I don’t want to be
    Its an official tour
    I know you are there
    And waiting for my message
    I am sending you message
    To say you good night
  • I want every night a kiss
    And a lovely hug and cuddle
    From my loving wife
    Good night
  • Good night doesn’t mean
    To say good bye
    Its means a break
    For a night
    Good night
  • My message is here to say you
    I love you
    But my heart don’t want to sleep
    But due to time saying you
  • Good night my love
    Sleep tight and well
    Had sweet dreams as well
  • I am standing here
    To say you good night
    And give you a kiss
    For a break my dear
  • I will never let you go
    Because I love you
    I just want to kiss you
    For saying good night
  • On every night I need a kiss
    Which will be good night kiss
    For my life time from you
    I love you my love
  • Every night is special for me
    Because you are near to me
    After a long day hectic one
    Good night
  • To my beautiful wife
    A beautiful message
    With full of my love
    I am going to say you
    Good night
  • I think you as my life
    And want a pure love for life
    My dear wife good night
  • My love, My life
    I know this distance does not matter for us
    we love each other from the depth of hearts
    from the whole busy day, I found this time
    And good night have sweet dreams
  • Dear, Honey!
    You know night is the time
    when I miss you most
    but this distance is not for a long time
    good night, Sleep well.

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