Romantic Sorry Sms Messages For Wife

Asking for forgiveness is all about showing that you are ready to go to any lengths to be taken back in his arms again. Whether you want to say sorry for fighting, arguing, nagging, disrespecting, lying or taking him for granted – keep poking him with one after another heartfelt Apology until you put a smile on his angry face. Here we have Romantic Sorry Messages To Wife.

Romantic Sorry Messages To Wife With Photo.

Romantic Sorry Messages To Wife

  • Sorry dear I am very sorry
    Please forgive me I was mean
    yes but I love you please forgive me.
  • I am very sorry dear
    please let the past
    go and let the anger
    flow away. I love you
    and want to see you happy.
  • You know I didn’t mean any
    single word I said I was just
    tensed please forgive me you
    know I cannot sleep without
    a hug from you let the anger go.
  • I know I have very disappointed you
    but you know I am also very sad to
    behave with you like this please forgive
    me I can’t live with you.
  • My life is dull and my life is
    worse when you are angry
    with me. So please forgive
    me dear.
  • I am like an empty bottle
    I am like a lonely flower
    with no bees to buzz
    when you are angry with me.
    So please forgive me and made
    my life colourful.
  • I made a mistake because I am only human.
    But I expect you to forgive me because I know
    that you are a Superwoman. I am sorry
  • I overlooked your happiness to make myself
    happy, only to realize that my happiness lies
    in your happiness. I am sorry, please forgive me.
  • Your sweet smile is the light at the end of all
    of my life’s dark tunnels. I love you.
  • I confess and I admit that I was wrong.
    baby, please forgive me because I know
    that our love is right. I am sorry baby
  • My Love my life
    I know I made a mistake
    and I know you are going to forgive me
    Because I know you Love me more than I do
    but still, I am Sorry.
  • Dear, I know
    That mistake was big
    but your love has great weight
    and that weight can’t be measured
    So please forgive for the sake of love.
  • Mistakes are the nature of Humans
    Perfect human does not exist
    but your love can overtake it
    I know you love me too much
    and I love you too
    so please forgive me…
  • I know you forgave me lots of times
    but I make mistakes again and again
    and ask you to forgave me
    and always you forgave me
    because you love me a lot
    and I know that
    so please forgive me all of these mistakes.
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