Sad Mood SMS Quotes

Often in life we encounter situations that really make us deprived of bliss. Grief, regret and sadness are the forms when someone really looses hope for good.
Below are mentioned few Sad SMS:

Sad Mood SMS Quotes

Sad Mood SMS Quotes

  • The earth has revolve around the sun fully
    but the season of my heart remains the same.
  • The day has passed, the night has gone
    Still, my heart is filled with despair.
  • The most worthy thing to do while you are sad is:
    “To divert your heart towards Allah”
  • Always remember the key of time “it keeps on going”.
  • My heart is filled with sadness without you
    I just can’t find a way out of life.
  • I really wish things could remain the same between us
    I really wish you stand by my side
    I really wish the bond between us never be broken
    I really wish I could always love you the same I used to.
  • The most touching moments in our life are
    those in which our hearts are broken and we
    realize the word love is just meant for God’s love.
  • Seasons on earth keeps on changing,
    but the season of my heart remains the same.
  • Hearts are meant to be broken eyes are meant
    to liquidate words are meant to hurt
    Oh Lord, what’s happening in the state
  • If you have no pains, you have no gains.
  • Nothing good in our life is served to us.
    We need to catch up sacrificing abilities.
  • This world is an Examination and we all
    are tested by challenges and sacrifices.
  • Despair, regret and grief this is what
    my dictionary holds at all.
  • Another day has been passed, but I
    wish to see you were still a wish.
  • A heart only gets to know the potential of its love,
    when it is tested by griefs again and again.
  • Some days are bad days, that’s all. You
    have to experience the grief experience happiness,
    and I remember that not every day is a good day,
    this is just the way it is!
  • Everyone is walking around with a kind
    of sadness. They can not use it on their sleeves,
    but it’s there if you look deeper.
  • The word “happiness” would lose its
    meaning if it is not balanced by sadness.
  • Heavy hearts, like heavy clouds in the sky,
    is the most relieved by a little water rental.
  • I cried, and I thought it would be better for him,
    but only grief of sleep, and the rest of my life on my back.
  • I went and wept tears of blood. My pain develops.
    Not just left. But it was my eyes when they went with you.
  • Your pain is to break the shell that encloses your understanding.
  • Oh, I’m so tired, but tears do not flow; my eyes
    are tired of sorrow, and my heart is sick with grief.
  • I learned to look at nature, not as in
    the hour of mindless young people,
    but often the music sad human hearing.
  • I think if were not’ve learned about grief,
    can not appreciate happiness.
  • The walls we build around us to keep sadness to joy also keeps.
  • It is sad to restore the past and find it is not sufficient
    at the present time what you have and stay forever
    escape from the Memory of a harmonious design.
  • Rose and thorn, and linked to sadness and joy together.


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