Short FaceBook Status

Facebook Status is extremely popular in life of every teenager today.
A few of them from extensive domains are mentioned below:

Short Facebook Status

Short FaceBook Status

  • I am not Special.
    I am just Limited Edition.
  • That guy was even not know of anyone
    unless he bought himself a DSLR camera.
  • I love to share with all of you my pals:
    “This chick is going to get married”.
  • With the global village the world has become a converged
    place and with Facebook we all are connected like magnets.
  • It’s not necessary to have a long friends list,
    what’s necessary is to stay connected.
  • Life’s pace slowed down, Up with regrets,
    Need my friends,I need you my friends.
  • I got graduated my friends, I miss you all,
    Our peace, our love and my pals.
  • Just take a selfish and let others know how cute you are,
    Juts upload our ID card picture and others will tell you the same.
  • Come up friends, it’s party time.
  • If any girl Sacrifices her friends serial and let you
    watch the match just marry her.
  • With all of my friends list I just get to learn one thing in life:
    “Trust only few ones in life”.
  • Of all the lessons I learned in life the most thought
    provoking to me is: “Only those people are worthy
    of your love, who value it the most”.
  • Try to live a life like water that flows with the go.
  • Always let bygones be bygones.
  • Of all the ships in life the best ship is kinship.
  • I miss my family, I miss my friends,
    I miss my school times, I miss my college
    FB is the only pal to hostilities.

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