Short Sms Messages Collection

Quick messages quick replies short messages big feeling. Here we are in this chapter to text quickly easily and fast but explaining our full message than that messages are called Short Messages. Here in SmsZoo we have a Great collection to make up your mood.

Short Messages With Picture

Short Sms Messages

  • Good morning have a nice day dear.
  • Wish you very happy valentine Day.
  • Good night dear love you. Sweet dreams.
  • Happy birthday dear, May you live long.
  • Wish you congratulations for your success, keep the work going.
  • Work hard and success will be all yours.
  • I love u my dear friend.
  • Happy birth day my dear father may always be there for us.
  • Good morning dear friend have a Nice Day.
  • Good evening if you can look at the sunset and smile.
  • Good night sweet dreams.
  • Wish you very Happy Rainy Day.
  • I am sorry my sweet Heart.
  • I Miss you so much my dear.
  • No wife easy life. Beware from this.