Short SMS Messages

SMS is of great importance in our lives today. They are an integral source of communication.

Short SMS Messages
A few of the wise short Sms messages are mentioned below:

Short SMS Messages

  • Never loss Hope in the darkness of life.
  • Love, love and love. That’s what you are meant for
  • Always live  a happy life. It makes you feel better.
  • All it takes to be good is “Humbleness”.
  • Always speak the truth, this is the first and
    last step of every possible good you can do
    for yourself and to others.
  • Honesty is always a good policy in life.
  • Always remember one thing in life:
    “Wherever you go, go with all your heart”.
  • Always try to make people feel good.
    The best among you is who give relief to his fellow beings.
  • Be brave, be bold, be good, be better.
  • Life is not a bed of roses,
    It’s a bed of thorns actually
  • Your life is your test
    The real world is here after actually
  • I learned the goodness of life and that lies in:
    “ To love and being loved”.
  • Always do that good which et you sleep comfortably.
  • Always abstain from hurting others, God lives in the hearts.
  • Piousness is what Allah loves the most in His people.
  • Value people around you, everyone is good in Allah’s eyes.

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