Sorry and Apology Sms

We in life often encounter situations where we really hurt people due to our reactions and harsh words. It’s not a rule for one it happens to all but the wise one are those who admit their faults and take the first step in Apologizing. It makes you feel good in others as well as your eyes too.

Sorry and Apology Sms
A few of the wise Sorry SMS are mentioned below:

Sorry and Apology Sms

  • “Sorry” is smallest but most powerful word
    In this world many Problem solved by this word.
  • I just realized the pain I gave you
    I just realized the extent to which I got mean
    I just realized how bad I am
    & I just realized how incomplete I am without you
    Please forgive me.
  • Just thinking of you and the goodness you spread all over,
    Just want to say for all the pain I gave you. I am Sorry!
  • I fight with you,
    I shout at you,
    I do misbehave,
    I hurt you a lot
    But I simply can’t live without you.
    I am Sorry…
  • Away from you
    Left with regret
    I just want to say: “I am Sorry!”
  • I wish we can be together again
    I wish it all remain the same
    I wish you can forgive me
    I wish we can get over it
    I love you.
    I am Sorry.
  • A wise apologize constitutes 3 parts
    First one is about realizing and regret
    Second one is to apologize for the wrong you did
    And the third one is trying to attempt everything
    that can make all well.
  • I am so bad
    I  am so mean
    I am so stupid
    I just can’t help it
    I am Sorry!
  • I wish all we had between us is really more than this regret
    I am extremely sorry for all! Hope you can forgive me.
  • Apologizing just to make you realize you mean more
    than all to me. Love you!
  • Please forgive me for each ad everything.
    I assure you it won’t happen again ever.
    You are my whole world.
  • May we no more fight,
    May we no more shout
    May we always let the good happen
    May we be the best as ever.
  • Apologizing
  • Doesn’t mean you are less than anyone,
    it means you respect your elation more than your ego.
  • Great people are the one who always stands first to apologize.
  • I apologize for what I did,
    I apologize for being so rude to you
    I apologize for hurting you this much
    I apologize for all you have been through.
  • Missed her happiness to please me,
    to realize that my happiness is in your happiness.
    I’m sorry, please forgive me.
  • You know you’re beautiful.
    You know you’re smart;
    you know you’re smart,
    but you know you feel it too?
  • Be with me forever, the heart. Sorry!
  • It is amazing to see where we fell
    because of a simple mistake,
    and this is my sorry, but where are you?
  • Say sorry once again will not help.
    So here … sorry * endlessly.
    Accept my apologies.
  • We will put enough alone! Sorry.
  • You are sweet as honey.
    It was as bright as the sun.
    If you accept my apologies,
    and you will have the number one.
  • saying sorry can revive our relationship
    and allowed to flourish as before.
    I miss you and I love you my darling.
  • Hard to say, but the easiest to recognize is
    the word of five characters – sorry.
    I said, you recognize it?
  • Sorry to make you lose your temper.
    But to be honest, you look really
    hot when flooding temperament.
  • I’m sorry if I hurt you, I will not.
    you are the love of my life. back to me.
  • I’m sorry for hurting you. Forgive me, my love!
  • Things were told to hurry,
    things happened against fate,
    but if you accept my apology,
    everything will be fine again.
  • Hey dear
    you are the boss of my life
    I am unable to decide anything without you
    so please forgive you
    I really want you back in life.
  • I know that was disgusting I had done
    and you know I can’t live without you
    I need you in every matter of my life
    So please forgive me.

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