Sorry Quotes Messages For Friends

Friends are special one who loves you a lot but when do hurt and also care for you so if anyone hurt say him sorry and need to be it, so now here are few mentions.

Sorry Quotes Messages For Friends

Sorry Quotes Messages For Friends

  • My dear friend
    I didn’t mean to be hurt you
    I am really sorry my friend
  • Friends are treasures
    I don’t want lose mine
    My dear friend
    I am sorry for what I do
  • I am very ashamed
    My dear friend on my act
    I am really very sorry for it
  • Friend you are special
    And my all in you
    I had all pleasures by  you
    I am really sorry
  • My friend I want to say you sorry
    On all my deeds what I gad do
    Forgive me please my dear
  • I do anything for you’
    Please forgive me
    I do wrong
    Its my mistake
  • I do all wrong with you
    And I know later
    So please forgive me
    I am here to apology
  • My friend you are so special for me
    I do bad with you, I am sorry for this
    Forgive my dear as and hug me
  • Dear friend
    I hurt you a lot
    Which make you teared
    I apology to yo
    Forgive me pleas
  • My friend I m ashamed
    On my yesterday’s mistake
    Please forgive me for this
    I apology and say you sorry


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