Sunday Quotes Messages

Sunday is come after 7 days and called 8th day of week, where everyone feel relaxed and free for a long time 24 hours, here are some mentions to say Happy Sunday.

Sunday Qoutes Messages

Sunday Quotes Messages

  • Sunday Mean relax, rest and Fun,
    Sunday is a day for see the Beauty of the world.
  • In my childhood I spend my Sundays in playgrounds
    Oh time! Go back run and stop all the time once again
    Happy Sunday
  • say me no or refuse me but say something to me
    Because your silence all the day make me worry on Sunday
  • For my work whole week how much hard work I do
    Today on Sunday when I think about I laugh
  • Maybe all generations have relation with Sunday
    When I across my door I saw a crowd everywhere on Sunday
  • Why here are no vacation
    Except Sunday I miss it all the day
  • I can accept all the agreements till next Sunday
    But it depends
    Whether I live or die
  • I always feel relaxed
    And a new life came in me
    When I came to know
    Sunday is here a new smile on my face bring
  • I always feel relaxed in my weekends
    And remembered my country
    My breath stops just like
    An foreigner in strange country
  • No day would be found
    Just like the day of Sunday
    Happy Sunday
  • Its not easy to a Sunday on everyday
    For the Sunday here are huge wait
    Wait of 7 days and many hours
    Happy sunday

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