Sweet Romantic Messages For Husband

Husband is special person of life, always needed on each step so when you feel alone he always stand behind you and serve you, so always left love messages for him always, here are few mentions for him.

Sweet Romantic Messages For Husband

Sweet Romantic Messages For Husband

  • My dear husband
    I love you so much
    Because you are the one
    Who played an important role
    In my life always
  • In my ordinary life
    When will you have to come
    It automatically convert
    Into a fairy takle
  • I always think about you honey
    And want to bring you home soon
    I love you
  • In my life I got a special love
    The unconditional love of you
    Thank you for being here
  • I love you so much
    Because you are the one
    Who always care me a lot
    When you got early up
    And let me sleep
  • I am sorry if I hurt you
    But I want to say you
    That you are my love
    I love you so much
  • we had to stay with each other
    And you will be mine always
    Its proven by law and all family
    And by my heart as well
  • if I told you I love you
    Love you a lot more than anything
    What will you do dear
  • our love is radiant
    Like a beautiful flower
    We are in a known maze
    For each other from a long ago
  • you are all my
    Who what why?
    So stay with me always
    I love you
  • I promised to you that
    I will always stay with you
    With going years of my life
    Stay near to me always
  • Hey, Honey!
    these distances will never separate us
    they have no power in them to separate us
    the power of our love is greater than any other power
    I really really love you, dear.
  • My love,
    I know you are really missing me
    and I have the same condition as you
    dear I love you so much and
    I never want you to loose


  1. By Jeannette Napolitano


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