Sweet Thinking Of You Messages For Her

When she gone her mom’s home you miss her and think about her all time, she came in dream, so need to tell her the happenings, by messages , following are few mentions here.

Sweet Thinking Of You Messages For Her

 Sweet Thinking Of You Sms Messages For Her

  • Whenever there comes MSG, open just think u have ..
    Wen u no, I do not get disappointed!
    I’m still enjoying that moment that made me think of u!
  • My heart says I love,
    It is said that the eyes have feelings for me,
    My mind says you believe me,
    But even now you quiet….
  • If you get a rose for
    Every time I think about Set.,
    I spent every day in the Rose Garden….
    Thinking of u
  • Look at the sun and see the time.
    Look into your heart and see the love.
    Look into my eyes and I see life.
    Look in your phone and
    See who is thinking of u!
    It’s me.
  • someone remember,
    Who cares what.
    And whispered your name in prayer.
    Keep the bright sunshine of the vista of hope.
    thinking of you
  • God has given us for 24 hours
    Day8 the last few hours of sleep 8
    Work hours and 8 hours
    Spending time with our family, but I’m
    Spend 24 hours I think about you
  • Ask your eyes staring
    You ask … my mind to stop
    Thinking of you .. Ask my
    Imagination to stop the dream
    You .. Ask my heart stops
    I beating..ask everything..But
    U never prevented me you’re thinking.
  • Delivery can not keep us away from each other,
    But we always r heart to heart,
    Regardless of the day or night
    U r just thinking away.
  • Be Soon
    D does not mean
    To be close,
    I can pulp away from you .. but men p.
  • Do not feel that
    I always remember U.
    Take care!
  • I’m thinking of you
    I wonder where you are tonight
    I wish I could hold you tight
    I’m thinking of you
    I wish you could stay
    But you’re so far away, so far away.

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