Text Messages That Will Make Her Smile

Want to make someone smile because of you than you are at the right place to get the recipe to do that. Here in SmsZoo we have a Collection of lifetime to make People Happy easily.

Smile Messages With Picture

Text Sms To Make Her Smiles

  • When I saw you smiling
    my soul become happy and
    I feel my body full of energy.
    So try to smile always.
  • There is a big difference between
    laughing and smiling. I want to see
    you smiling because it increases your
    beauty and glooms your face. So try
    to stay happy.
  • Smiling even when the heart
    is full of sorrow is brave thing,
    and I have learned that from you.
    Thank you.
  • Pass a smile to a person
    even if we have fight with
    him can make the distance
    converted in to close relations.
    A smile can change many things.
    So always try to keep smile on
    your face.
  • Smile is language of love ,
    smile is a source to win hearts,
    smile is a name of livelihood and
    brings greatness in personality
  • Keep laughing is not a good habit
    but keep smiling can help a lot.
  • Smile is the best medicine,
    Keep smiling even other,
    Think you are crazy.
  • Smile is best way for live long life,
    So be Happy All the time.
  • Smile look small word but in itself,
    it have many feeling, many levies,
    So be happy and keep smile ever.
  • The most powerful word is “Smile”
    Through this word many problem,
    Were solved. So keep smile always.