Thanks Messages For Sister

Sisters are blessing of Allah and happiness of home, without her home is not like a home, silence and only silences everywhere, so say thank you to all sisters of you for being here for you and request for future as well. Followings are some mentions for sister.

Thanks Picture Messages For Sister

Thanks Messages For Sister

  • Sisters is a blessing of God,
    A Man has no sister have nothing in his life.
    My dear sister
    You are the only one in my life
    Who helps me out
    Whenever I need
    Thanks for being here my sister
  • Sisters are the Angels of the Allah
    When he is happy he gave sisters
    To make people easy and Comfortable
    Thanks for being here my sister
  • My dear sister I m very happy
    To say you thanks because
    You always support me
    When everybody leave me alone
    And un reliable
  • You are a blessing of Allah in our home
    Due to you we are happy and laughing
    Because you are the reason of our smiles
    Thanks for being here my sister
  • You always tease me
    When ever you have my favorite stuff
    But I miss all those moments
    Thank you so much my dear  sis
  • On some auspicious events
    You are not here I always miss you
    But I never forget to send you
    Instant prayers of success
    Thank  you my lovely sister
  • Whenever dad has transferred
    And we go to new place
    Have no friends because old left in old city
    We become the best friends
    Thanks for being here my sister
  • Brothers and sisters relation is that type of relation
    In which hands in hands and face all things together
    Thanks for being here my sister
  • When I feel alone
    No one understand me
    You are my sister
    Only one here to understand me
    And take stand on behalf of me
  • In future our paths will be separate
    Our journey will be changed and will far from each other
    But glimpse of past will be in mind and about our past’
    We will make stories and enjoy it by telling other
    And miss each other a lot
    Thanks for being here my sister
  • I just remember those days
    When my candies are stolen from my cabinet
    And I know the culprit but can’t reveal
    Thank you sister
  • dear, Sister!
    I know you need a reason to fight with me
    but I know no one loves me, more than you
    I always give you reason to fight
    Cauz I want you to fight with me
    Thank you Sister
    for those beautiful days.
  • You made my life beautiful
    you always stayed with me at the time of need
    Sometimes I wonder what will happen if were not with me
    Thank you, sister, to make my life beautiful.

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