Wedding Anniversary Wishes To A Couple

Wedding Anniversary Wishes To A Couple With Picture Messages for your special one, Brothers, Sisters, Friends and Family.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes To A Couple

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes To A Couples

  • Although the years keep passing,
    you may love you share only continue to
    grow stronger with the passage of time.
    May You Will Get Many More Day in your Life Like Today
  • I just wanted to give the best possible wishes.
    May you still love, appreciate and honor
    each other for many years to come.
    Happy Day To Both of You
  • I wish you a very happy
    anniversary to celebrate
    another year of love
    and compassion.
    dedication that life has to offer.
    You Are Best Couple in the World
  • you celebrate many more years in your life together,
    and stand the test of time stronger and happier show.
    Wish you Very Happy Anniversary.
  • With the passage of time
    and the elements of life seems
    to be even stronger than the corrosive materials.
    However, it is clear to see that nothing at
    all can lead to the erosion of your love for each other.
    Love You and Happy Anniversary
  • It’s really amazing to see that you are still
    in love deeply  with each other my dear .
    You may have many happy occasions to come.
    You Are a Great Couple.
  • Aphrodite herself can never
    be such a great love and bond that we share.
    You always have such amazing care and love.
  • The tree must learn to bend when
    the wind to avoid rupture,
    together we have learned to
    bend in difficult times and to
    stand by the side of good.
  •  Dear my always Remember your
    good times and forget your bad time ,
    remember the good memories and
    forget the sad. Proud of love,
    which lasted for a long time that
    even the angels rejoice in song.
  • During the good times and bad
    two withstood the real test of time,
    every year growing together and getting closer.
  • Happy anniversary!
    Congratulations on spent another year together.
    Your life will be full of love and laughter and happiness.
  • Find true love that lasts to thrive
    and grow with the passage of time
    is really a blessing. Keeps you have
    many years of growing blessed
    with love and affection with other.
  • Why are you two still together so far?
    Maybe God is believed to perfect couple.
    Happy Anniversary.
  • Α first wedding Αnniversary not
    Μean Μarriage is your οld one year.
    Ιt yοur means that the marriage is strong οne in the year.
  • I wish you both have a blissful life with every
    day filled with shine with love and peace.
    I wish you a heartiest happy marriage Anniversary.
  • Tide to your love, destined to live together,
    I wish you both a happy Anniversary and happy life ever.
  • On this very special day of your life I wish you
    both a beautiful beginning of life, a stronger
    bond of love and a splendid life Happy Anniversary.
  • I proud to be tell A new anniversary
    Of our marriage To had a one more
    Great year.
  • always stay loyal
    Because loyalties are always alive
    So be happy with each other

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