Wedding Invitation Messages For Friends

Its wedding season so be ready to invite all friends by sending them invitations. It’s a great job for them and you as well be prepared now an use the below mentions.

Wedding Invitation Messages For Friends

Wedding Invitation Messages For Friends

  • A great event will be coming in my life,
    Which change my life completely,
    So i want you must join on that day.
  •  You are my best friend
    And I always spend my time with you
    So please be ready for my wedding
    I welcomed you
  • My wedding is here my dear
    You have to come and join us
    I don’t how and when
    But you do so
  • Wedding is a new start for life
    So please my dear give me some Suggestions
    After coming here
  • I am going to start a new phase
    For my new experiences
    By inviting you all I just
    Want to get some key points
  • When you were here we enjoyed a lot
    And then you got married
    And all your freedom lost
    Now its my time
    To leave my freedom
  • Your hand are filled with color
    And you got married
    Now I want to be that situation
    So please come and join me
  • I was getting young and going towards old age
    So I have decided to be a married person
    Come for me
  • Its not necessary that you get married with those
    To whom you love, may be not in your destiny
    So I was waiting for that who I deserve
    Finally, find it
  • I coordinately invite you to on my wedding
    For getting more prayers and wishes
  • Finally, I got the person
    To whom I love the most
    I got him and going to get married
    Come to join us
  • You Guys were always with me
    Whenever I need help, You supported me
    Biggest event of my life is coming
    So, I want you guys to join me.
  • Dear Besties!
    You guys always wondering about my marriage
    Here is a good news for all of you
    I am getting married. So please join me at
    this precious moment of life.


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