Wedding Invitation Sms Format

Wedding is Most Important part of life. So don’t miss the chance to invite all others to enjoy the event and stay in their prayers. Below are some mentions.

Wedding Invitation Sms Format

Wedding Invitation Sms Format

  • Dear Friend!
    I can`t forget you. On my special Day.
    I hope you will come on my Wedding.
  • You are coordinately invited by us
    On our wedding ceremony
    On venue of grandiose marriage hall
  • We invite you and your family
    On the ceremony of our wedding
    Just come and gave us prayers
  • Many things in life come and go
    But marriage came only once
    So don’t gave lame excuses to us
    And come on our wedding
  • Here are some moments which have some importance
    So my wedding came under those special one
    So me and my wife invite you to
    Attend our wedding
  • My son going to be young
    Now need to bound him
    So we find a lady for him
    To bind up
    Now we invite you all to come here
    To attend the wedding
  • We want you came to us
    And increase our respect
    On wedding of our beloved son and daughter
  • Please join us on this auspicious event
    The ceremony of wedding  of my daughter
    To increase prayers for her and say her goodbye
  • We are feeling to much honor by inviting you
    On the wedding of my son, who is going to start new life
    With new person and doing new experiences
  • We are inviting you on the event of wedding of our children
    On party of reception, please come here with warm wishes
  • We are inviting you on the party of wedding
    Because of your wishes of success for future
    And for your warm wishes we are waiting
  • Dear friend, I call upon you and
    your family in my marriage to Rachel,
    to be held on May 16, the green pastures
    of grass 10:00. I love your presence
    beside me on the happy occasion.
  • I call upon my colleagues Dear bridal
    ground which will be held June 17 at
    the headquarters of my stay the next 18 hours ceremony.
    We appreciate your presence on the happy occasion.
  • Dear Brother, I invite you to my wedding
    through this beautiful card and looks
    forward to his presence next to me
    that this beautiful marriage certificate
    I take in my relationship with Mark.
  • We invite you to our wedding that we
    take the next big step in a relationship,
    and we are committed to a wonderful wedding.
    We would be grateful for your presence and
    blessings be upon you wholeheartedly.
  • You are invited to the wedding of our daughter Tuesday,
    April 14th at the Royal Plaza Hotel from 17:00.
    Join us in the celebration of this Beautiful Relationship,
    which began in university festival being the next big its move.
  • You claim coordinated by us in our wedding
    ceremony Instead of the big wedding room.
    Invite you and your family in our wedding
    ceremony everything came and gave prayers.
  • Many things in life come and go but
    the marriage was once so it does not
    give us excuses and our marriage.
  • The following are some moments that
    have some importance so it was a special
    object of my marriage so my wife and
    I call attend our marriage.
  • My child to be young Now we have attached
    Until we meet a lady To link Now we invite
    you all to come here For a wedding.
  • We came to us and increase our
    respect at the wedding of our
    son and daughter beloved ceremony.
  • Please join us in this auspicious event
    my daughter’s wedding ceremony to increase
    and prayers absentee farewell.
  • Very honored to call in my son’s wedding,
    which will start a new life ceremony
    With new people and make New Experiences.
  • Dear Bestfriend!
    The biggest event of my life is coming.
    My Wedding is arriving very soon. I don’t
    want to miss my best friend there. So please
    join me in the event Thanks.
  • Dear Friend!
    You were with me in every up and down of life.
    So don’t miss my biggest event of my life.
    I am getting marry soon. So join me at that event


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